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Support Topics

About PINs
Creating a PIN: [ pin_screens.pdf ]
PIN Length
Error Message: 'Your PIN is not complex enough to be secure'
PIN Troubleshooting
Resetting your PIN

Creating a PIN

1. Visit the San Diego County Library web site at [WWW]
2. Click on My Library Account
3. Type in Your 14-digit barcode number.
4. Leave the PIN field blank
5. Click on Submit
6. At the prompt Please enter a new PIN, enter the PIN you would like to use in the Enter Your PIN and Enter Your PIN Again boxes
7. Click on Submit

Note:If you see the Invalid PIN message instead of Please enter a new PIN, you may already have a PIN. See the Resetting your PIN section to create a new PIN or contact your local branch so that library staff can delete your existing PIN and you can create a new one.

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